Blizzard Cycling Jacket


We believe this is a world first. People in the out door industry have been talking about 3 dimensional fabrics  for a while, but we think the Spinktex Blizzard is the first to bring a workable solution.

This jacket is for Autumn Winter and Spring use. It works between -9 degrees and +14 degrees.
Its not waterproof, but will keep you dry. Its not windproof, but you won’t chill in it up to 40 mph.
Waterproof and Windproof are terms that just don’t apply here. As is Breathable. Wearing this jacket you will feel comfortable and dry in any weather the British winter can throw at you. Above 14 degrees, if you are working hard you will get a build up of moisture inside the jacket.

The jacket works by blowing air through the special lining to keep you dry. Just open the zips and let the air, but not the rain blow through in just the right amount to keep you comfortable.

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